Success is in the journey, not the destination.  Cee Goods knows all too well the process of transitions as he has paved his way through the industry for over the past 10 years.  Originally from Portland Oregon, Cee has developed his production business in bigger cities such as Vancouver B.C., Seattle, and Los Angeles.  Credited works have gotten him major placements in hiphopdx, allhiphop, 2dopeboyz, thisis50, and more.  In LA he worked with industry greats such as Rochad Holiday and Tony Bailey soaking up serious game, all while managing a studio gem in the heart of West Hollywood.  He crossed genres working with the incredibly talented indie artist/producer Old Gold of Motion Control, who he credits for changing the vision and direction of his production style.  As of recently, Cee Goods has returned to the NW to strengthen his global branding with the incredible Hussein Al-Baiaty of Almaic Brand.  He shortly collaborated with this artistic genius to release his latest project “ROOTS”  which received world wide attention getting major radio play in London’s top indie soul radio station Mi-soul.

“OMG! Fam.. this roots flip is bananas! Genius dude! Only those that know the history and love music will understand how dope this is. Great Job!” — DJ OG One [Portland Trailblazers DJ, XRAY.FM Radio Host]

“Our Head of Music loved R.O.P. and L.B.C.” — Mi-Soul Radio [London premiere indie radio station]

“This is some J Dilla mixed with Pete Rock and the reincarnation of Nujabes… what you did was embody each one of their soulful graces and created something beautifully inspiring, musically, culturally, artistically, [&] vision-wise.” Kevin Clinsc [LA short film producer]

“This is the type of music that makes you reflect and think about the things that are important to you.  What you want.  What you need.  And this guy didn’t say any words on this album.  Let the music speak.  Just listen.” [We Out Here Magazine]

Cee will be adding to his discography with a yet to be titled collaboration project coming out summer of 2016, which features some of the top indie artists on the west coast.  His motto of “stay active” is not to be taken lightly either as he ventures into the post production world more and more.  His latest work has gotten him commercial voice over and music  production for national high school basketball tournament “Les Schwab Invitational.”

His vision, which once started out as simply rapping and making beats as a teenager has grown into a full on production business.  His branding has grown into merchandise, which will be collaborating with local NW clothing brands in the near future.  He is maturing into the producer he wants to sound like, and the business leader he wants to be like.

As a good friend once told him,  “The dreams are way bigger now”.